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Rental Agreement

At Elijah’s Harbor we strive to ensure that upon check in the premises, houses, and rooms are in pristine condition. At check out, we expect the property and belongings in your room or house to be left in good condition that requires reasonable cleaning. To help us continue to offer our property at reasonable rates and ensure we can offer guests high quality accommodations, guests will be required to sign a Damage Waiver Agreement upon check in. Please review the agreement before completing your reservation. Refusal to sign the waiver will result in a cancellation of your reservation.

Damage Waiver Agreement

The home and/or premises occupied and used by the guest will be inspected within 48 hours of departure. Guest will be responsible to cover the costs to repair damages of any kind to the kitchen, restrooms, tables, chairs, or any property or assets of damage, excluding ordinary wear and tear, caused by guest or others they have on the property; the costs to clean the premises, if necessary, beyond the standard cleaning services; and replace or return personal property or appurtenances missing or damaged by guest or another invitee of Guest. EH shall supply an itemized statement and supporting documentation for any charges incurred and require payment for damages within 10 business days. If the Guest does not remit payment for damages or dispute the charges in writing within that timeframe, the full amount will be charged to the form of payment used to secure the reservation.

Standard Fees

These include: extra guests, transaction fee, and a cleaning fee. A cleaning fee is a one-time additional fee for cleaning the space you stay in. A 9% cleaning fee will be automatically added to your total at checkout. A 3% transaction fee will be automatically added to your total at checkout.

Return Policy

If you have reserved accommodations with Elijah’s Harbor and cancel your reservation, we will refund your deposit if your house or suite can be rebooked, and a $50.00 handling fee will be deducted. If we are unable to book your reserved house or suite, the deposit cannot be refunded.
Elijah’s Harbor
Santuary for the Spirit
The Old Testament account of Elijah shares how the prophet, when faced with the trials and stresses of the world, would seek sanctuary in the mountains – to step back and draw closer to God. Today, Elijah’s Harbor invites you to once again find sancturary in the mountains, away from the distractions of the world.