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The Old Testament account of Elijah shares how the prophet, when faced with the trials and stresses of the world, would seek sanctuary in the mountains - to step back and draw closer to God. Today, Elijah's Harbor invites you to once again find sancturary in the mountains, away from the distractions of the world.

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sanctuary for the spirit

Sitting high in the mountains of East Tennessee surrounded by 200 acres of private fields, forests, and streams, Elijah's Harbor offers unique and personal venues for individual study, Christian retreat, conference, or other event. Founded on Christian principles with a focus on serving those in ministry, Elijah's Harbor provides a definitively restful experience.

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“The environment, beautiful views, quiet, the pampering of the host/hostess was graciously received. A true respite: Spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Thank you!” read more

Elijah's Harbor Christian Retreat

Christian Retreats

Elijah's Harbor hosts a variety of Retreats throughout the year. These include Couples Retreats, Pastors Retreats and Family Retreats. We have various Teachers and Leaders for these events. We also host retreats in which you can bring your people and your leadership to conduct. Check with our Ministry Director for schedules and details.


Elijah's Harbor is the perfect location for your next church group or Christian ministry conference. We can provide meeting areas for large and small groups, accommodations, privacy, audio and video equipment, all in a Christian atmosphere. For more information about hosting your conference at Elijah’s Harbor, contact us today.


For a comfortable, peaceful place to grow and learn, host your next seminar in the inspiring surroundings at Elijah’s Harbor. Our media room is complete with AV, work tables and internet. Let Elijah's Harbor staff handle all the meals and details to maximize your work day. Then afterward, kick back and enjoy the pools, sauna, hot tub, ATV's or just walk on God's beautiful trails at The Harbor. Whether your event is for a Christian based Corporation or a Ministry, Elijah's Harbor is the perfect setting for getting things done.


Accommodations, snacks, wildlife, movie theatre, coffee shop, media room, privacy – everything you need to host your Christian group event for singles ministries and teen groups. The Harbor offers a host of activities, private surroundings, and plenty of open spaces where hosts, attendees, and guests can have fun, learn, fellowship, present, and get closer to the Lord.

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