The Story of Elijah's Harbor

I had a dream. In the dream, I saw a 200 acre retreat at the foothills of the Smokey Mountains. Not just any retreat – this retreat would fulfill a mission…the dream of Elijah’s Harbor was born.

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Focusing on a single purpose

Hello. My name is Mike Jackson. I was the President and CEO of an Inc 500 company. We did hundreds of Millions of dollars in sales. Our products helped people live better, healthier lives. We watched as one ordinary person after another turned our home business opportunity into multi-Million dollar futures for their familes. And, we were guided by principles. Many were noble, but one was paramount - In everything we do, we strive to honor God.

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“But he himself went a day's journey into the wilderness, and came and sat down under a juniper tree...”

- 1 Kings 19:4

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A Christian place to rest and find joy

I was blessed by my company, both spiritually and materially. We saw countless souls saved at our events during our optional church services. And I had houses, toys and cars… everything I thought I ever wanted. Yet I knew something was missing. We taught people how to make a living, but were not focusing on how to make a life.

Then God gave me an opportunity to step away from all of it. To reflect on what it would mean to change the mission. Instead of asking Him to get behind my cause, I would truly follow His.

Elijah's Harbor is a place to come and get renewed physically, emotionally and spiritually. We offer pastors a break from the welcomed burden that comes with leading a church. Leaders are shown new methods and principles to help them grow in a safe, challenging environment. Couples can relax and renew their marriage commitment under the counseling of qualified mentors. Youth groups have access to the 200 acre property filled with activities to challenge and inspire them in their faith and Christian walk. Each day in the Christian Life Center world-class teachers, counselors and life coaches conduct workshops and personal mentoring for our guests. We’d love to have you!

- Mike Jackson

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